Electric induction motor has two sets in their composition

The electric induction motor is simple and robust. It only has two sets which are wound stator and rotor assembly. The electric motor induction name is derived from the fact that the current circulating in the secondary or the rotor are induced by alternating currents calls that will circulate in the primary or in the stator.

The force that generates the electric motor motion is caused by electromagnetic effects of which are combined together with the currents of the stator and rotor. The DC electric motor idm2333t receives current through a conductor or an electrical circuit that goes in one direction.

The source of tension is continuous may vary the voltage coming out, but this will cause the polarity is maintained and if this occurs, the current will flow in one direction.

Electric motor painting is to let it free of corrosion

The electric motor of the painting is nothing more than a coating that in addition to fulfilling its finishing aesthetic function also serves to let the free electric motor from corrosion.

The painting the electric motor is usually done by applying a primer with a synthetic enamel having a base alkyd immersion. After the electric motor is assembled, the electric motor is finished with a paint of the same base and thus is given the final appearance to the color and texture that was previously defined.

Painting with alkyd based paint is recommended because it protects the electric motor from corrosion and helps withstand high temperatures.

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The electric motor for special environments receives special painting, but each electric motor is the best painting that will make him able to work in these environments.

AC motor

Alternating current motor is one of the most commonly used when electric motors. It has a feature that differs from the others because it is the rotating equipment that runs from the electricity. They have synchronous and asynchronous models, among other features used in the differentiation of these engines.

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The engine has an AC has many other divisions to define this model. Regardless of the inner workings, its goal is to make the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy and to run the process to be present. An increasingly high engine and its results favor any success in the use thereof.

Today the electric motor has evolved so significantly that can be present in various segments and different end applications. It would be interesting to check the various types of engines so you could choose the one that best fits what you need.